Thrifty Tips

The following is a collection of miscellaneous tips and tricks that we have discovered over the years. We have noted and referenced ones that are not our own. Enjoy and pass this page onto someone else!

[creativ_tabs][creativ_tab label=”Auto”]▪Spraying the lining of your car doors with WD-40 to keep them from freezing in the winter.
▪Only 5% of cars run better on premium gas. Check your manual – but you're probably okay with regular.
▪How to reset the tire pressure monitoring system on a Saturn Aura.
▪Wipers smudging? Try putting rubbing alcohol on them to see if it helps
▪When done filling your tank with gas, turn the gas nozzle upside-down to ensure that you get all the gas you've paid for.
▪If you need car mats – try getting some free samples from a local carpet store. [/creativ_tab][creativ_tab label=”Household”]▪To deodorize your freezer, place a shallow bowl of freshly ground coffee uncovered inside. Leave it for a few days and your odor problem should be gone.

▪Save on energy costs by making sure you are plugging up any air leaks in your home.
▪How to tell if you have any secret water leaks that are costing you money.

[/creativ_tab][creativ_tab label=”Health”]
▪Make sure you are getting all the deals you can on the products you purchase by “cozying” up to them
▪Drinking 3 cups of green or black tea each day can lower your risk of a stroke by 20% (UCLA study).
▪To get rid of constipation/stomach issues, try seeing a naturalopath or an allergist. You may be allergic to certain foods.
▪Back pain? It may be from your wallet. Take it out when you sit down.
▪You can save up to 30% on meds through the mail instead of going to your pharmacy.
▪Dab ammonia on mosquito bites.
▪Headache? Try cutting a lime in half and rubbing it on your forehead. [/creativ_tab][creativ_tab label=”Money”]▪Check your insurance rates 2-3 times a year and always after a life change (moving, new car, paid off car, etc). You never know what might lower your rates.
▪Need to buy gift cards? Check out and purchase recycled gift cards for less. You can even use them for your everyday purchases.
▪Want free pairs of shoes? Become a product tester
▪A great way to save on different things is to take advantage of any discounts your employer may offer
[/creativ_tab][creativ_tab label=”Purchases”]▪Takeout from Panera is cheaper than eating at the restaurant.
▪You shouldn't be paying more than $30/month for your cell phone (or less).
▪If you are buying electronics or appliances, ask if there are any “open box” units for sale.

Some of the tips here have been pulled from “Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems

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