Thrifty Checklist

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For us, being thrifty is a way of life. It affects what we do, how we live and what we purchase. Below is a brief check-list of things that (we hope) will help you to become more thrifty and live more simply.

We have found these to be useful in our own lives and trust you will too.

The Guys


  • Writing down what we spend every month – at least for a few months – so we know where our money is going
  • Saving / investing part of our income every time we are paid
  • Establishing an emergency fund (of at least $1,000)
  • Paying down debt with the snowball method (we’ve found this way to be more successful)
  • Living within our means (we aren’t spending more than we are taking in)
  • If we have an employer, are we taking advantage of their benefits? (401k matching, employee offers, etc)
  • To simplify life, are we automating our finances as much as possible? (savings, bill pay, etc)


  • Are we doing all we can to save on utility bills?
  • Using coupons and offer codes whenever we can
  • Many of us have cable or extra channels. Have you considered cutting the cord for streaming services OR negotiating your cable bill?
  • Cell phones are another extra expense that many consider a “necessity” today. Be sure you have the best service for the best possible price (we use Republic Wireless – $30/month or less)
  • For entertainment – there are many ways to spend less from going to the library, doing fun things with your significant other, and more
  • If you still own a landline, consider purchasing an Ooma Telo (it works directly with your internet for a fraction of the cost of a landline)

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