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Walmart is the leader in low-cost retail. Series of articles on how to save money when shopping there + comparisons to other retailers.


Walmart Savings Catcher Review: A 30-day Trial

In light of Aaron’s recent post on the Walmart Savings Catcher, I thought I’d do a little trial run. Those of you who know my blog know that I’m a huge fan of saving money, and I’m a bit of a cynic at heart. Just because someone says that they offer the lowest prices, I

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Does Walmart’s Savings Catcher Work?

As I was listening to some tunes via Pandora last week, an ad for Walmart’s Savings Catcher came on. They advertised that you could enter your receipt into their new “Savings Catcher” app and if they find a competitor’s advertised price cheaper than what you paid for it at Walmart, they’ll actually refund you the difference in

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walmart neighborhood market storefront

Is Walmart Neighborhood Market More Expensive?

About a month ago our neighborhood got a Walmart Neighborhood Market, and the appeal of something closer, smaller, and perceivingly more inviting got me thinking. Is Walmart Neighborhood Market more expensive than regular Walmart? As we made our first trip through the store on the first weekend it was open it was apparent lots of

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