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Utility expenses eat up a large part of your budget. Learn how to bring these costs down through negotiation and home improvement projects.


How to Save Money by Winterizing Your Home

Up here in the frozen tundra, preparing for winter can be a bit of a weekend time-sucker. So, last week I decided to get to it and start the winterizing process. I realize it can save us on our energy bills – so it is worth the time/effort. For those living in the south –

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Tips on Handling Rising Energy Costs

Many residential and business owners across America are all suffering from the substantial increase of energy costs.  Not only is the economy taking a toll on those trying to make a living, but the increased cost of utility bills certainly doesn’t help the situation.  People are trying to find relief wherever they can, often searching

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What You Need to Know About the High Efficiency Furnace Law

I first learned about the new federal fuel efficiency rating change when a family member’s landlord recently switched out their furnace – causing them to be out of heat for a time. They’d indicated it was due to a new law to bring old furnaces up to a higher efficiency and so I thought I’d

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7 things you can do to run a more efficient home

With the Green Movement underway, folks are trying to run things more efficiently and effectively without leaving a large footprint on the earth. Here’s some things you can do in your home to make it more “earth friendly” – and more budget conscience. Furnance filters. My builder told me to use the cheapy filters, but just to switch them

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