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Losing your job is a scary experience. Unemployment benefits will help mitigate the financial impact. Articles on how to claim benefits and get back into the workforce.


Resignation later

Should You Give an Employer Two Weeks Notice?

Recently I was talking with my nephew about his job working at a cookie manufacturer in the midwest. I asked, “How is your job at Cookie Company Inc?” “Ah yeah, I kind of quit that job. I put in my two-week notice and handed it to my boss and he said yea this isn’t necessary.

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Living on One Income – Part 2

A couple years ago, I shared how my wife left a good job in healthcare due to some health issues. It was a difficult time for us because we were used to getting her income – and so the adjustments took some time to adapt to. But, after some time away from work, my wife decided to re-enter the

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how to stop living paycheck to paycheck

How Long Could You Live Without a Paycheck?

Back in 2019 Marketwatch reported that a large number of American households are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Quoting the results of a survey from the American Payroll Association, they reported that 74% of households would find it “somewhat difficult or very difficult if their paychecks were delayed for a week”. Are you one of the majority who

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Sequestration: The Real Life Family Impact

**The following guest post is from my good buddy, Jeff! Jeff is a local fireman for our federal government, and talks first hand about how the sequestration has affected his family. He talks about the steps his family has taken to minimize the impact of this on his family’s finances.** Hello my fellow financially conscious

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5 Reasons for Having a Large Sum of Cash

Recently, while I was reading over J$’s monthly updates on his net worth I noticed a category for a large cash hoard, which he calls “Monster Cash.” As any typical man, my jealousy immediately spiked, and I said to myself, “I want a large sum of cash too!” :) (sounds like my kids do when

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What Do I Do When My Unemployment Benefits Run Out?

CNN Money recently ran a feature of folks whose unemployment benefits expired – and shared their stories of how they were making ends meet without them. It was very humbling to read what they’ve had to do and how they are managing. Many of us have gone through a period of unemployment ourselves and know

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Are You Better Off Than You Were 4 Years Ago?

Okay, okay – here is our first and LAST Presidential Election post for you. And, you can take that promise to the bank! We aren’t here to tell you who to vote for – but we’d love to offer a few things to think about when you go to the polls (not, that you asked).

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How to Prepare for a Layoff

How are you prepared for a layoff? As a single income provider for my family of 5 (wife and three kids) being prepared for a layoff is something I need to be ready for. I never want my kids to go without just because I’ve been laid off. When I talk to my grandparents about

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