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Are You Following the Most Generous Man on Twitter?

$100, $1,000, $10,000 and a Tesla are just some of the things Bill Pulte is giving away on Twitter. The catch? You need to be following him and retweet his giveaway message. #TwitterPhilanthropy The generosity has given rise to a new Twitter hashtag for Pulte’s direct philanthropy: #TwitterPhilanthropy. It’s purpose is to provide for those …

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24 of the Best Tweets About Personal Finance This Year

Sometimes 140 characters is all you need to get a good dose of information. So today, we are looking back at some of the best money tweets we discovered this past year (some contain links to various posts). Got any other good ones? "Money isn’t the currency of life. Living is the currency of life." …

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Fun Twitter Accounts That Hold Contests and Giveaways

The following was written in 2010, so not all of these companies are conducting giveaways any more.  I’ve been on Twitter for the better part of a year now – and have come across some great business accounts that offer giveaways and contests almost every week. Check ’em out sometime. You may just come away …

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