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Articles covering tips and hacks for a wide variety of topics. Primarily focused on improving your financial health and saving you money.

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How to Spend the Remaining Balance on Your Cash Gift Cards

Have you ever tried to use the last remaining balance of a cash gift card – only to have it rejected by the cashier during check-out? Or, you just have a few tiny amounts left on some leftover cash cards you got from your birthday? Here’s an easy way to get those balances off your

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Rating

It may not be something you think about all that often, but your credit rating is an important part of your financial future and can have a big impact on the amount of choices available to you when you’re trying to find the best home loan for your needs. If you’re hoping to purchase a

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Tips on Handling Rising Energy Costs

Many residential and business owners across America are all suffering from the substantial increase of energy costs.  Not only is the economy taking a toll on those trying to make a living, but the increased cost of utility bills certainly doesn’t help the situation.  People are trying to find relief wherever they can, often searching

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My Favorite Posts From The Last 3 Years

So in the three and a half years that Aaron and I have been writing for we’ve compiled a number of posts. 690 posts to be exact! In that time I’ve used the blog to stretch me personally, and hopefully help others along the way. Doing so wasn’t always easy, but I can say

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15 Tips to Build a Business Website

1. Choose a website builder The business owner should hire a good website builder. The website host should have enough experience in building business websites. Business owners can visit several website builders and try to review their profiles and choose the best. You could for example create a business website with 1&1. 

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Traveling Cheap When Living Abroad

Perhaps this is a rookie mistake for fresh-faced travelers who have just discovered the wonders of living abroad, but many are wasting a lot of their hard earned money on expensive modes of transport.  What happens when you are relocated semi-permanently to a new country or city? Air travel is by far the most expensive,

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walmart neighborhood market storefront

Is Walmart Neighborhood Market More Expensive?

About a month ago our neighborhood got a Walmart Neighborhood Market, and the appeal of something closer, smaller, and perceivingly more inviting got me thinking. Is Walmart Neighborhood Market more expensive than regular Walmart? As we made our first trip through the store on the first weekend it was open it was apparent lots of

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Preparing for Sequestration – Tips for Taking a 20% Pay Cut

As of March 1, 2013 the automatic budget cuts of $1.2 trillion are set to take effect for lots of government employees, which is known as sequestration. For most folks, these budget cuts haven’t gone into effect, but are set to take effect in mid-April (depending on what branch of the government). These cuts will

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Top February Tips from TTG Thriftsters

You help to make Three Thrifty Guys better when you comment and share your experiences and money-saving tips with us and others. We’ve been getting some great insights from our Thriftster readers (like you) and thought it would be fun to look back at some we’ve received this past month. Thanks for contributing! 

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9 Ways to Attract (or Impress) a Thrifty Guy This Valentines Day

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. And, you want to attract a special thrifty guy in your life OR impress the one you have. Don’t fear. We’re here to help. For marrying,dating or wanting to friend the right breed of man – the Thrifty Guy – we commend you. But this Thrifty Guy – whose internal engine

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