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Ting Revisted – 3 Year Review

Reviewing is a key component to success. I constantly encourage my ninth grade Algebra students to review their work. Coaches are always reviewing game film to learn from the previous game. I would submit to you that reviewing financial decisions is an important aspect of living wisely in the area of finances. When I make …

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Ting Revisited: A Fun Look at the Competition + Phone Giveaway

Have you seen one of those commercials selling cell phone coverage? If you haven’t, congratulations…on avoiding every type of advertising on any type of media. These ads are everywhere! Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Cricket – the sheer amount of choices can make your head spin! After two and half years with Ting mobile (you …

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Ting Mobile Review – Save Up to 60% on Your Monthly Cell Phone Bill

After a two-year run with Sprint mobile, my wife, Alli, and I were looking to save some money on our phone bill each month. We decided to keep our existing phones – mine, the Samsung M400 (aka the “Flip Fantastic”), and hers, the Samsung M580 (aka the “kind-of-smart phone”) – and search for something else. …

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