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Articles covering various aspects of taxes. Includes property and income tax with advice on filing and paying your taxes.


Why Does Mitt Romney Pay a Lower Percent in Income Tax?

I’ve always been fascinated by politics and the people who choose to run for office. So, if you aren’t much into politics, I still hope you stay tuned as I try and explain a topic that I’ve just recently learned more about. (They tell you in blogging school not to delve into politics and religion

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How to Invest in Nebraska Tax Liens – Part 1

In February 2008, I first read the book, “Multiple Streams of Income” by Robert G Allen. I was looking at other ways of generating income for my family as we were soon expecting our second child. It talked about an investment vehicle called tax liens, and said that anyone could earn 12-24% interest annually, and that

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Year-end Tax Advice from a Tax Pro

Hey all – please check out our post on Year-end Tax Advice over at the StarTribune. We are back to writing over there after a long hiatus. Today’s tips were courtesy of my tax advisor. Enjoy and we hope they help!

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