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Articles covering various aspects of taxes. Includes property and income tax with advice on filing and paying your taxes.


Structured Settlements: The Lump Sum Option Is Taking Off

Structured Settlements are already the most used option in the settlement of legal cases involving medical injuries. Every year, tens of thousands of Americans are injured, and pursue legal remedies. The cause of the injury varies greatly, from slip & fall, to auto accidents, to workplace injuries, and more. So Why Are Structured Settlement So

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9 Ways You’re Wasting Your Tax Return

According to an annual survey from Capital One Bank, this year’s average tax refund is expected to be $2,803. With such a nice chunk of change, not dreaming about exotic vacations and enormous televisions is nearly impossible.Pledges to pay down debt and boost your savings account are all well and good, but a quick injection

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Should I Cash In My Pension?

About two months ago I got an unexpected “time-sensitive” letter from my former employer notifying me that they were offering me an early buyout of my pension. You see I’d left my former employer after 11.5 years of employment and had accumulated a pretty good nest egg pension. In my mind I considered this “cigarette

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A Handy Checklist for Your 2012 Taxes

Two years ago, we had our taxes done by a tax professional because I knew they were going to be complex. I had just gotten married, did some side work as a designer, we moved to a new house (which meant I would need to pay back my first-time homebuyer credit – or loan if you

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Business Day TV Features Tax Resolution Services

Tax Resolution Services is the Nation’s leading tax negotiation and mediation firm, and they can help you with your problems with the IRS.  Their goal is to offer transparency to their clients and help them understand the process for resolving their tax problem so that they have a realistic expectation of the process.  Beyond that,

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Are You Better Off Than You Were 4 Years Ago?

Okay, okay – here is our first and LAST Presidential Election post for you. And, you can take that promise to the bank! We aren’t here to tell you who to vote for – but we’d love to offer a few things to think about when you go to the polls (not, that you asked).

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Tax Tips for Withdrawing Retirement Funds Early

**This is a guest post from my (Charlie) mother-in-law, who has always given me great tips to lower my tax bill. Enjoy!** As a certified public accountant, one of my most frequently asked questions during the last year was “What are the tax consequences for taking money out of my retirement fund to pay consumer

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Why Your Tax Return is Probably Wrong

Okay – before I get started, let me just say that I am not totally against paying taxes. I believe there are public costs associated with having roads, municipal buildings, cops on the street and other conveniences which we should all pitch in to pay for. But what I am against – and what I’ll

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