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Is the IRS Handcuffed to Offer Better Services?

I heard a report on NPR this morning and it just didn’t sit right with me. With it being tax day – a national holiday worthy of a day off and celebrations everywhere – I thought I would share. According to a report by ProPublica – there is a bill making its rounds around Congress …

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How to Estimate Your Tax Return

When I was younger, I used to love doing my own taxes. My dad would pick-up a 1040EZ form from the library and help me get my W-2 together from my employer. Things were easy then. And, I always got a refund. 

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9 Ways You’re Wasting Your Tax Return

According to an annual survey from Capital One Bank, this year’s average tax refund is expected to be $2,803. With such a nice chunk of change, not dreaming about exotic vacations and enormous televisions is nearly impossible.Pledges to pay down debt and boost your savings account are all well and good, but a quick injection …

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