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Articles covering how to save money when shopping. Thrifty shopping will help you keep money in your pocket while still living a good life.


12 Apps That Will Help You Save More Money

Your smartphone can be your best friend when it comes to saving money. I am never without mine when I’m shopping! Here are some free apps and features that can help you find deals and save money: Shopkick: Turn this

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How to Save Money When Shopping Second-Hand

You’ve probably heard that there’s a plethora of money to be saved when making purchases at a thrift store, consignment shop or garage sale, as opposed to paying retail prices. This is true; however, those bottom-line prices aren’t always bottom-line.

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Goodwill Smackdown: A Great Way to Make Extra Income

Three Thrifty Guys would like to welcome new contributing writer, Laurie to the team. She will share her life experiences of raising 4 kids, getting out-of-debt and farm life. Learn more about her. When Charlie came up with the idea of the Goodwill Smackdown

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