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How to Save Money Shopping at Whole Foods

My wife and I are on a bit of a health kick. Ever since she became unemployed due to various health reasons, we have been on a search to get ourselves as healthy as possible. One area that my wife has really been researching and focusing on is food. It’s amazing how just eating healthy …

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A Few of Our Favorite Things + Giveaways

Every year, Oprah had this great tradition of holding a “Favorite Things” show where she featured a bunch of items she’d discovered throughout the year which were noteworthy. And the really neat thing about this show was that she gave most of these items to her audience members in attendance. And so we thought: “wouldn’t …

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On the Psychology of Buying Things

Among their tips about saving money were revelations relating to the reasons we buy. I want to share some of those insights with you and others I have learned in my experience with debt and my own spending habits.

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