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The Process of Selling My Car

This past month I stocked up on greasy hair gel, white strips for my teeth, and ironed my only suit. It was time to sell my used car! I had gone through the process before, but I was extremely lucky. This time around, I had to develop a plan and discipline myself to stick with …

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Why Network Marketing Bothers Me

The couple seems nice enough. They are certainly good looking, fun, confident and personable. Plus, they want to help me change my life (yours too, if you’ll let ‘em). They are out to sell the American dream. Yes, I too can become a millionaire just like them. It’ll be hard work – but, they believe …

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Goodwill Smackdown: How to Sell Clothes on Ebay

Recently, after visiting a local Goodwill store, I saw a really nice Abercrombie and Fitch hooded sweatshirt. It was selling for $3.59, and I thought to myself, “I wonder if I could sell this online.” I left the store without purchasing the sweatshirt, but checked online, and more than a hundred of the same sweatshirts …

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