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Should You Discuss Your Salary With Coworkers, Friends, and Family?

Growing up, I had a wise old man (John) that I golfed with, that would frequently give me small bits of wisdom in random conversations throughout our 18 holes. One day he sat down with my friend and I, after a long round, and said, “Charlie and Nick…two things you never discuss with people. #1 Religion and #2 …

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How to Write a Resume That Gets Read

Several months ago, my wife was looking for a new job in her field of social work. I was amazed to see how easily she was able to land interviews and get job offers. I was equally impressed to find that she attributed much of her success to effectively writing a cover letter and resume …

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Why Now May be the Best Time to Negotiate Your Salary

Have you recently thought: “when is the best time to negotiate my salary?” Do you do it right before you boss leaves for vacation? After the quarter’s earnings call? On a full moon? When exactly is the best time to ask for a raise? While all of the above may help you in determining the …

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