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Planning for retirement should start early in life. Read this series of articles on how to prepare your finances for a comfortable retirement.

retirement planning

Don’t Beat Yourself

If you’re a golf fan like me, you may have watched 21-year old Jordan Spieth win the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament last weekend. He became the second youngest winner of the event (behind Tiger Woods) and set many records in the process. His win was a testament to what drive and passion can do to propel oneself to

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7 Ways to Save Money Through Your Employer

This post originally appeared on Three Thrifty Guys in 2010. Thought it was worth republishing again in 2015, in case you missed it. One of your best ally’s in saving more money could be right next door to your cubicle: your employer. While every company is different, a majority of employers offer various perks to

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Personal Capital review

Personal Capital Review – An All-in-One Financial Platform

Personal Capital is one of the growing number of investment platforms available. But it may be even better described as an account aggregator since it also connects virtually all of your financial accounts, including your bank accounts, investment accounts, credit cards and even your mortgage. On top of that, they also provide investment advice to

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Beware of “Sleeper” Subscription and Service Fees

I came across this somewhat disturbing Reddit post today about a man whose elderly father had been paying an AOL subscription that he hadn’t been using for over 10 years! When he broke it down – his father had essentially paid out over $2,500 in worthless fees! Ouch.

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Why You Can’t Be Trusted to Save Money

I was skimming through Reddit and found this (kind of) offensive video on “Why American’s Are So Bad at Saving Money“. Here, have a look and let me know what you think in the comments section. To the author’s credit, it’s true we aren’t doing so great at saving money. As the video states, in

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5 Ways to Save More by Gamifying Your Finances

Years ago I worked some pretty menial jobs that required I pour cold water on my face every now and then just to make sure I didn’t slip off into LaLa Land from the humdrum of the tasks. Being a fairly competitive person and to combat the monotony, I would often set up games with

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Holy Crap! I’m Going to Run Out of Money!

Are you in retirement, and have come to one of these self realization moments where you suddenly realize that you’ll more than likely run out of money before you die? Or have you had a nightmare where your portfolio manager tells you that you will more than likely outlive your nest egg? It’s at that

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Don’t Borrow Against Your Future Self

When Rick and I were young and first married, we had a bit of a “que’ sera, sera” attitude about our finances.  There was stuff we wanted, like a house, cars, clothes and vacations.  When we didn’t have the cash to pay for these things, we would simply borrow for them. Our attitude was, “After

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Early Retirement – It’s All in the Numbers

There’s so much press devoted to the idea of early retirement, but is it even really possible for the average person? The answer to that is almost certainly yes, but it’s all in the numbers. As in, you have to get the numbers right in order to have any hope of it working out. Saving

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It Pays to Be Prepared: 3 Tips to Plan for Your Retirement

Around 28 percent of those nearing retirement age claim to be unprepared for such a massive life change, with most citing inadequate financial planning as the main reason for being anxious about leaving the workforce. Many of us don’t feel ready for retirement, even when we’re well into our 60s and 70s, but even though

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