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The Top Frauds of 2018 (and How You Can Avoid Being a Victim)

I regularly receive updates from the FTC as they produce some interesting content and let you know about any new or unusual activity out there in regards to trade / commerce and how some “not-nice” people out there could be looking to take advantage of you. They’ve recently released a report on last years fraud …

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Passive Income Streams: May 2018 Report

Well…after 13 years to the date of buying our house, we have officially paid it off! YA!!!! It is hard to believe! After all the hard work of paying extra, putting the multiple income streams towards it, and making a lot of sacrifices. It still feels surreal that it is true. I felt like I …

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Passive Income Streams: May 2016 Report

It sure seems like 2016 is moving faster and faster each month. I keep trying to make time to make monthly goals, like I’ve talked about recently, but the months keep speeding away. It just comes down to that I haven’t made the time to set what is a priority, and focus on accomplishing a …

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