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With interest rates at historical lows, it is a great time to refinance your home. Articles covering why this is a good idea and how to do it.


lendingtree review

LendingTree Review (Is it a Good Idea?)

While we wrote the following post a few years ago, a lot of the information is still pertinent if you are looking for an online lender, like LendingTree. Getting multiple offers from banks can be a real benefit – but

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10 Best Ways to Save Money for 2013

Over the last three years my family has made huge strides in creating ways to save money in order to get out from the burden of debt. When Aaron and I started Three Thrifty Guys our family had about $25,000+

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What is the FHA Streamline refinance program

From my understanding of it – the FHA Streamline allows borrowers to refinance their existing loan amount to get a lower monthly interest and principal payment. The downside to it is that you cannot take any money out after the refi.

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Considering a refi

With rates at record lows, my wife and I are considering refinancing our home. Here are some things to note as you consider this possibility too (Note: this is the first refi for both my wife and I.) Work with

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