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Personal Finance

How the Little Things Really Do Add Up

Stefanie over at The Broke and Beautiful Life was fortunate enough to be featured in this WSJ article, where the author talked about the dangers of wasting your money away on little things.   Some of the commenters ridiculed Stefanie for

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What Financial Freedom Looks Like

Ask a dozen people what financial freedom looks like, and you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. That’s because financial freedom is completely subjective – we each view it in our own personal way. But I’m going to attempt

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Why Being Prepared and Self-Sufficient is So Important

Happy Monday, friends!  Regular readers of Three Thrifty Guys will know that there is occasional talk here about the importance of preparedness and self-sufficiency.  My family has, gradually over the last five years, felt more and more of a need

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4 Things to Do Before 2014

A lot of time and energy is focused on the holidays at the end of the year. But it’s important to set aside some time for your finances as this is the last chance to make adjustments for 2013. As

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3 Ways to Portion-Size Your Finances

Did you know: If you shrunk the size of your dinner plate just 2″, you could lose 18lbs in one year? You may have already heard of the Small Plate Movement started by Dr. Brian Wansink at Cornell University to

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6 Things You Should Do With Your Money in Your 20s

The last semester of college, a moment in quantitative methods class changed my life. That day, ears perked up when the professor said, “What if I told you that you could become millionaires by only investing from 22 to 30, and never

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How We Spend Our Money

I thought it would be interesting (albeit somewhat awkward) to share where our money goes every month. Now, I won’t get into numbers or anything – but with the pie graphic you will be able to see where a lot

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