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personal finance

21 Rules for Personal Finance

This past month, I came across an excellent post by Certified Financial Advisor, Ben Carlson, entitled “20 Rules for Personal Finance.” I thought it was so practical and succinct, I asked Ben if we could repost his “rules for personal finance.”

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On This Day: 100 Years Ago

I love skimming through old newspapers and magazines to see what kind of things people were concerned about in their day and to glean any wisdom/insights from different generations. Just as Charlie has shared what he’s learned from his grandpa

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How Personal Finance is Like Golf

Ahh.. it’s spring time here in the Midwest and it’s already warm enough to golf! There’s nothing like whacking that ball and seeing it rise and fall against the bright blue sky (well, that’s the way it’s supposed to happen

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Know Your Money Mindset

I recently listened to a great teleseminar given by Laura Adams (also known as the Money Girl). During the call, Laura covers – what I believe – one of the most important topics pertaining to money management and getting your

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