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Paying your mortgage of early can drive savings by eliminating excess interest expense. These articles cover why you should pay off your mortgage + tips on how to do so.

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Passive Income Streams: Nov 2016 Report

Almost to the end of 2016, and we are pushing hard to finish the year strong. It is amazing at how fast the year has flown by and my labor of passive income streams is producing a plentiful crop. These streams are going a long way to help us payoff our mortgage 17 years early

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Passive Income Streams: Oct 2016 Report

Boom! Drop the mic! My mortgage payoff is getting real. Real to the tune of accelerated payoff! Wow! Scary times! Scary to think that my reality of being debt free is happening with a little hard work and planning. I feel like the story I’m living of becoming debt free isn’t any different than anyone else’s.

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Does Debt Freedom Scare You?

Today I applied a pretty big lump sum to my mortgage in my pursuit of freedom from debt. Yep. I got paid out for my vacation from leaving my previous job, and from the money we have made from doing AirBnB. It is really amazing how the Lord has blessed us as we’ve progressed in

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Passive Income Streams: August 2016 Report

The month of August has come and gone fast and the kids are back in school, which is a big relief to a lot of stay at home parents! Can I get an AMEN!?! Focus continues to be on paying off the mortgage and racing to become debt free by August 2018. In a way,

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Passive Income Streams: June 2016 Report

So far we are o ne month into our summer and the heat hasn’t let up here in the midwest. I love it! I love running in it too. Call me crazy, but the heat and humidity really fuels me to push my body to higher limits in what I can do. So far this

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What to Do After You Paid Off Your Mortgage?

This week I’ve been looking for some motivating subjects. Some subjects to motivate me and maybe some of our readers. It seems like a month after the New Year’s is when everyone’s motivation starts to slump and we quickly lose track of our resolutions. I too easily fall into that trap like I’d suspect a lot

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Mortgage Payoff and The Road to Debt Freedom

Very rarely will I share some of my personal financial position on our blog, but today our family just made it over a significant hurdle. Our family is on the final stretch of paying off our home mortgage, and becoming debt free! We are now below $100k on our home loan, and on the final

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