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what do you own

What Do You Own?

Recently read an insightful article from Paul Jarvis entitled, “Ownership Is Resistance.” In it Jarvis writes: “In a single generation, we’ve moved away from ownership. We’re now in an on-demand, gig economy where what we can truly own is constantly

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secret shopping

How Much I Earned From My Secret Shopping Excursion

I’ve always dreamed of being a secret shopper. It’s the closest I’ll ever come to seeing my fantasy of being an undercover spy like Jason Bourne come to fruition. Going undercover to infiltrate foreign governments…going to Runza and checking restroom

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How to Make Extra Money as a School Teacher

I am always interested to hear about new ways folks are finding to make extra money online today. Add to that list: teacher lesson plans. I found this story on Huff Post – about a elementary school teacher who found

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Passive Income Streams: June 2018 Report

Now that the house is paid off we’ve put our savings on autopilot. It is nice to have our multiple income streams go towards something other than the mortgage company! Lately, we’ve been saving up for buying a new car

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Passive Income Streams: May 2018 Report

Well…after 13 years to the date of buying our house, we have officially paid it off! YA!!!! It is hard to believe! After all the hard work of paying extra, putting the multiple income streams towards it, and making a

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Passive Income Streams: March 2018 Report

This past month has continued to help me progress towards my two primary goals of making $7,500 from the blog and $10,000 from AirBnb! We got a few visitors this past month at our BnB, and we had a ton

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Passive Income Streams: November 2017 Report

Just when I thought the winter weather was going to have a cooling effect on my multiple income streams, then November came along and proved me wrong. Airbnb produced $0 in October, then picked up again in November netting us

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Passive Income Streams: October 2017 Report

The past month was definitely an interesting one. My Airbnb income came to a screeching halt! I thought the fall Airbnb income would slow down a little, but not to this extent. Then again, this is why I keep calling

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Passive Income Streams: September 2017 Report

The end of September signifies that we are nearing the home stretch of 2017, and the need to finish strong the last three months of year with our blog. Having goals and reporting on them really helps put perspective on

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