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5 Easy Steps to Install Your Ooma Telo

Since you hear us mention the Ooma Telo device at the site frequently, we thought it would be neat to create a helpful “how-to” infographic with our friends (and current site sponsors) from Ooma. We want to show how easy

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Ooma Safety Phone Review

Over the last two and a half years many of you had heard my enthusiasm about the Ooma Telo home phone system, which has been saving my family money hand over fist. Thus far, the Ooma Telo has saved us

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Ooma Premier Review 2014 – Is It Worth It?

Over the last two years I’ve written twice about my great experience (initial review & review after first year) with using Ooma Telos home phone service. For most people that know me, I will frequently tell my friends and family about money

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How to Save Money on Phone Bills – Ooma

Most people that know me would call me…Thrifty. Aka Frugal. Aka Tightwad. When Aaron (fellow Three Thrifty Guy) was in college with me, he used to call me one of the cheapest guys he knew. I think I was suppose

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