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Ooma provides various communication products and services. These articles cover the setup and use of their products.


5 Easy Steps to Install Your Ooma Telo

Since you hear us mention the Ooma Telo device at the site frequently, we thought it would be neat to create a helpful “how-to” infographic with our friends (and current site sponsors) from Ooma. We want to show how easy the device is to install and set-up. You can literally have it up and running

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Ooma 2 Years Later – How the Savings Add Up

It has been 7+ years since I ditched my old land line, and 2 years that I have been using Ooma as my preferred home phone service. In 2007, I was using Qwest (now CenturyLink) home phone service, which was costing me $41/month and didn’t include long distance phone service (I used calling cards…remember those?).

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Ooma Safety Phone Review

Over the last two and a half years many of you had heard my enthusiasm about the Ooma Telo home phone system, which has been saving my family money hand over fist. Thus far, the Ooma Telo has saved us over $750 over my previous phone service. However, I’m not here to repeat my glowing

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Ooma Business Review With Linx

Recently, I was approached by Ooma to write a review on the Ooma Office. So while I’ve had the Ooma home phone service, I’ve been extremely pleased with both the service and price point. Here are the links to my previous Ooma posts [initial setup of Ooma, Ooma after one year and Ooma premium service review].

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Ooma Premier Review 2014 – Is It Worth It?

Over the last two years I’ve written twice about my great experience (initial review & review after first year) with using Ooma Telos home phone service. For most people that know me, I will frequently tell my friends and family about money savings deals, tools, or devices. The Ooma phone unit is one of those products that

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MagicJack Reviews: 30 Day Free Trial of MagicJack Plus

About a month ago, I decided to take a 30 day trial of Magicjack Plus‘s home phone service to review it compared to my existing Ooma Telos services. As a guy that’s always looking at ways to save more money, I heard that the MagicJack Plus was a comparable VoIP phone service. In addition, during a recent

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Ooma Small Business Phone: Now Offering Phone Savings to Businesses

Recently while reviewing the Ooma website I noticed that Ooma just released the Ooma Small Business Phone Service! With how successful my Ooma Telos Phone Service has been for me personally (check out my home phone service review) this may be a good option for businesses that needs five phone extensions (or 15 virtual extensions),

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How to Save Money on Phone Bills – Ooma

Most people that know me would call me…Thrifty. Aka Frugal. Aka Tightwad. When Aaron (fellow Three Thrifty Guy) was in college with me, he used to call me one of the cheapest guys he knew. I think I was suppose to take that as a compliment…right Aaron? :) Just like anyone else though…I like to see

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