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Turning Down the Upsell

I bought my very first laptop during the summer of 2000. There are cell phones today that have better specs than that laptop, but back then, it was a top-of-the-line machine. Another way to say this: I paid way more

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Always Ask for the Special

This one is going to be short and sweet (I hope). My family and I had the chance to get away from it all this past week and it was a very welcomed break. While we were away, my brother,

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5 things you didn’t know were negotiable

This guest post was written by Mike, the owner/operator of CreditCardForum. Not only is it a message board for analyzing credit card offers, but also tips and tricks to beat the banks at their own game. When it comes to

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Haggling in the USA

Unlike some asian and middle eastern countries, haggling (bargaining) in the USA is not generally an accepted practice. I’ve actually had a moderate level of success with it here. And, I want to share a few helpful ideas about how it

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