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You can negotiate just about anything from your salary, home price, to everyday purchases. These articles provide guidance on how to exercise this skill.


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Turning Down the Upsell

I bought my very first laptop during the summer of 2000. There are cell phones today that have better specs than that laptop, but back then, it was a top-of-the-line machine. Another way to say this: I paid way more than anyone should ever pay for a laptop with a 20GB hard drive. It was

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5 Tips for Better Negotiating (and Getting What You Want)

One of the better books I’ve read in the past several years (since this post was first published in 2013) dealt with the subject of negotiation. Negotiation Boot Camp by Ed Brodow is a great resource if you are looking to improve your negotiating skills (and I don’t know many who aren’t). If you think about it,

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How I Use Customer Loyalty to Save Money

Every year, I get on this kick to review all of our expenses and then see what I can do about reducing or even eliminating some of them. So, I went at it last week to see what I could do to reduce some of them. Most of our recurring expenses are fairly low considering what

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Try This Tip to Get the Edge On a House Offer

I’m a big fan of negotiating to get a better deal and to save more money. I know it’s not often easy in our society or comfortable – but it can be worth the effort. Like they always say, “it doesn’t hurt to ask“. One of the biggest – and overlooked tactic in negotiating for

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Why Have Auto Dealerships Stopped Negotiating?

This past weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying my mother in her quest to find a new car. We visited a couple of smaller dealerships and each one was singing the same tune: We don’t negotiate. In fact, as soon as we got into the car with the salesman from the second dealership, he

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What to Do When a Complaint Falls on Deaf Ears

Over this past Thanksgiving, a relative of mine was telling me about a problem he was having with a newer water heater he had installed. It hadn’t been working correctly since it was put in. He wasn’t able to resolve the issue with the contractor he’d hired to install the water heater or the company who manufactured

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Try These Tips to Save an Extra 10% or More on Purchases

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Pawn Stars, you can learn a lot about how the owner of the pawn shop (Rick Harrison) negotiates with folks who are wanting to sell him stuff. One of his most used tactics is to find something wrong with the item. This could be anywhere from “it will

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Always Ask for the Special

This one is going to be short and sweet (I hope). My family and I had the chance to get away from it all this past week and it was a very welcomed break. While we were away, my brother, his son and I hit up a driving range that had a chip and putt

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How to Negotiate for More Vacation Time

In starting any new job, most people are worried about one thing. MONEY! In the my mind, Rod Stillwell’s request of Jerry Maguire is what I usually want to ask the hiring manager, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!” In all the commotion of deciding to switch jobs often the other benefits are forgotten about. One of

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Make Sure You Get the Compensation You Deserve

If you have an accident and need to make a claim for personal injury, it can often be a confusing and difficult time to make the right choice of personal injury solicitors. How do you know which one to use and how do you know that you are making the right choice? Following an accident,

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