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Mortgage Payoff and The Road to Debt Freedom

Very rarely will I share some of my personal financial position on our blog, but today our family just made it over a significant hurdle. Our family is on the final stretch of paying off our home mortgage, and becoming debt free! We are now below $100k on our home loan, and on the final …

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5 tips to help you stay motivated to get-out-of-debt

One of the hardest things to maintain when you are trying to accomplish your get-out-of-debt goal is staying motivated.  Not only are you trying to buck bad habits of living and spending too much, you need to keep the fire burning inside to see the task to completion. For many, getting out of debt is …

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Hope for the deep in-debtor

In June of 2003, I found myself $40,000 in debt and without any steady employment. Broken and at the end of my rope, I was ready for a major financial turn-around. Fast forward five years later, I make my last debt payment to get rid of my school loan and I am finally free of my $40k burden. …

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