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mortgage pay off

Passive Income Streams: November 2017 Report

Just when I thought the winter weather was going to have a cooling effect on my multiple income streams, then November came along and proved me wrong. Airbnb produced $0 in October, then picked up again in November netting us

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Passive Income Streams: October 2017 Report

The past month was definitely an interesting one. My Airbnb income came to a screeching halt! I thought the fall Airbnb income would slow down a little, but not to this extent. Then again, this is why I keep calling

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Passive Income Streams: Nov 2016 Report

Almost to the end of 2016, and we are pushing hard to finish the year strong. It is amazing at how fast the year has flown by and my labor of passive income streams is producing a plentiful crop. These

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Passive Income Streams: Oct 2016 Report

Boom! Drop the mic! My mortgage payoff is getting real. Real to the tune of accelerated payoff! Wow! Scary times! Scary to think that my reality of being debt free is happening with a little hard work and planning. I feel

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What to Do After You Paid Off Your Mortgage?

This week I’ve been looking for some motivating subjects. Some subjects to motivate me and maybe some of our readers. It seems like a month after the New Year’s is when everyone’s motivation starts to slump and we quickly lose

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