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When There’s Nothing Left to Cut

The following guest post is from one of my good friends and fellow debt freedom fanatic, Mrs. Picky Pincher. In this post she describes what her and her husband do when they think they can’t trim their budget anymore. I can definitely relate to their story in how I scour over my budget looking for …

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Money Saving Tips That Require Spending Money

Often times frugal people have a hard time parting with their money. I’m no exception. It is hard. It contradicts your nature, and what seems “normal” to you. However, their are times where spending a little money upfront will save you a lot of money long term. A couple of good case in points are …

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My Favorite Posts From The Last 3 Years

So in the three and a half years that Aaron and I have been writing for ThreeThriftyGuys.com we’ve compiled a number of posts. 690 posts to be exact! In that time I’ve used the blog to stretch me personally, and hopefully help others along the way. Doing so wasn’t always easy, but I can say …

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