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Xero Review – Thoughts from a Non-profit Accountant

Recently we were approached by Xero – software that provides an affordable online accounting solution for small businesses, non-profits and accountants. We thought it would be great to get our resident accounting expert, Dave, to have a look at it. A year ago the small non-profit that I work with used a nation-wide payroll service …

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10 Principles for Handling Money in Marriage

Some alarming statistics I came across recently got me thinking about how handling finances well within a marriage is so important. For example, according to Dr.Phil.com, money is the number one problem in marriages and the number one cause of divorce. Jeffrey Dew’s paper titled Bank on it: Thrifty Couples are the Happiest, claims that …

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Are Some People Just Born Good Money Managers?

As I’ve thought more and more about money management and been witness to mine and others money habits, I’ve come to the opinion that I believe to be true: Some folks are just better with money than others. In other words, they are born “money managers”. And, before I offend anyone – let me offer a few …

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