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Interview With Joshua Becker on Minimalism

The following was first published several years ago, but thought we would combine the two interviews that took place with Charlie and Joshua on minimalism. Enjoy. Last week our church had a speaker come in for a Tuesday night special on “Doubling Your Impact.” I got word from one of our friends that the speaker …

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Uncluttering partners – how to get extra motivation to clean

Having a hard time getting motivated to clean a room in your house? I can definitely relate. As of late my wife has been on a cleaning rampage. Thanks to fellow blog, unclutterer.com, it has provided my wife and one of her friends some extra motivation to tackle rooms together. Over the past two weeks they created …

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Minimalist Lifestyle – Six Steps to Unclutter

The term living a minimalist lifestyle is a new term to me and frankly is one that intrigues me. My wife and I are continually looking for ways to declutter our home and make living for us and our kids simpler. In our lives it seems like we go through peaks and valleys. Where there …

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