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Why Network Marketing Bothers Me

The couple seems nice enough. They are certainly good looking, fun, confident and personable. Plus, they want to help me change my life (yours too, if you’ll let ‘em). They are out to sell the American dream. Yes, I too can become a millionaire just like them. It’ll be hard work – but, they believe …

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How I Purchased My First Real Estate Investment Property

I decided to invest in real estate because my wife and I were discussing how to fund our first baby’s college. She was only a few months old when we started a 529 Plan. However, I felt uncomfortable with that because it seems to me that the stock market is like a casino and values …

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Multiple Income Streams: Five Ways to Make Side Income

As most of our readers know I spend a lot of time focusing on how to save money. Whether it be through reducing your fixed expense, to saving money online, and to saving money by switching your home phone to Ooma. It doesn’t matter. It’s all exciting to this thrifty guy! BOOM! However, there comes …

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