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NetTALK Duo Wifi Review – A Good Option For Cheap Phone Service?

Over the last two years I’ve reviewed a number of home phone service options that have included Ooma, Virgin Mobile iPhone, and MagicJack Plus, and all with the mission in mind to save my family money. Two years ago I was paying $35+ per month (after the taxes and fees) with Vonage VOIP phone services. …

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MagicJack Reviews: 30 Day Free Trial of MagicJack Plus

About a month ago, I decided to take a 30 day trial of Magicjack Plus‘s home phone service to review it compared to my existing Ooma Telos services. As a guy that’s always looking at ways to save more money, I heard that the MagicJack Plus was a┬ácomparable┬áVoIP phone service. In addition, during a recent …

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