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How Can I Lower My Xfinity Cable Bill?

Thought we would republish this post from several years ago, as it still has good information about how to lower your cable bill with Xfinity (formerly Comcast). Hope it helps! A couple weeks ago we got a notice in the mail that our Xfinity cable bill was going up by about $50. Apparently they had …

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How to Lower Your DIRECTV Bill

This past year marked our nine year anniversary of using DIRECTV for our TV service. This relationship has lasted a lot longer than I ever thought it would. However, that doesn’t go without saying that the relationship hasn’t had its bumps and bruises. Like any human relationship, it’s about give and take, and our experience …

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Using Customer Loyalty to Lower Your Bills – Part 1

I don’t know about you – but when I see companies that I use offering special discounts to new customers only – I get a little upset. I realize they need to continually sign-up and be recruiting potential buyers. But what about the loyal base? Aren’t they just as important – if not more – …

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