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How to Make a Lot of Money (and Just Squeak By)

I came across this interesting piece that originally appeared on fellow personal finance blogger, Financial Samurai’s website, about a couple (both lawyers) who earn $500k a year and still don’t have a lot of “leftover” at the end of the

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Cabin in the snow

What I’ve Learned From the Subsistence Lifestyle

I’m a sucker for real-life dramas like Life Below Zero. This show follows the lives of several people who essentially live off the land – or the subsistence lifestyle. There’s a lot to be learned from these folks who have forsaken

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9 Cost Advantages of Living in a Small Town

In 2008 I moved from the inner city to a small town of just over a couple thousand people. It was quite the change, but after living in a bustling metropolis for 5 years, the peaceful life offered by a small town

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Live Like No One Else – Part 2

Last week I posted part 1 of “Live like no one else”, and gave a few tips on how to start living a life like no one else. Here is a short video with some Dave Ramsey motivation, a few more

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A few things you can probably live without

Telling folks what they can or can’t live without isn’t exactly a recipe for making friends. Still, my intent here is to bring some things to mind that you might have never thought you could live without. Most of these,

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