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Articles related to various lifestyles that impact your financial situation. Includes topics on living a minimalist lifestyle, living in tiny homes, etc.


When life happens

Sound familiar?: A monthly bill that gets forgotten; the junker car that finally quits; the water heater that breaks down; a dryer that squeals; the boss telling you your position is no longer needed; the overflowing toilet washing over your new carpet; a daughter who gets sick and you have no more personal days; the

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Starting a stockpile

I started stockpiling in 2006 when I knew my husband was facing unemployment.  Creating a stockpile gave me the peace of mind that we would not go hungry or run out of necessities.  Stockpiling allowed me to have some control over our circumstances.  It gave me something productive to focus on, and it ended up

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How to Declutter Your Home

My family and I are always looking for ways to declutter our homes and living a simpler lifestyle. With that comes the removal of stuff and organization of the possessions we want to keep. For my kids, I think it’s extremely beneficial to live in a home that is 1) free from clutter, 2) that

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Benefits of stockpiling

Stockpiling is putting up extra goods to use at a later time.  You can stockpile not only nonperishable groceries, but also toiletries, cleaning supplies, diapers…basically anything that keeps and will be used by your family.  In a later post I will share with you how I started stockpiling, what I put up, and where.  For

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How to have a cheap-er wedding

Last year, my wife and I got married after a lengthy engagement of 3 and a half weeks. While we only had a few weeks to prepare, the wedding and the day itself ended up being very memorable for both of us. There were no feuds over where we’d sit this guest or that guest,

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Book review: “The New Frugality” by Chris Farrell

After going through the Great Recession of 2008 to present, I couldn’t suggest any better book to read than The New Frugality: How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better. For anyone looking  for radical change in their life after realizing they’ve consumed too much and are in too deep of debt prior to

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Uncluttering partners – how to get extra motivation to clean

Having a hard time getting motivated to clean a room in your house? I can definitely relate. As of late my wife has been on a cleaning rampage. Thanks to fellow blog,, it has provided my wife and one of her friends some extra motivation to tackle rooms together. Over the past two weeks they created

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Live Like No One Else – Part 2

Last week I posted part 1 of “Live like no one else”, and gave a few tips on how to start living a life like no one else. Here is a short video with some Dave Ramsey motivation, a few more extreme tips, and little motivation to go with it. Ditch the smart phone or cell

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A few things you can probably live without

Telling folks what they can or can’t live without isn’t exactly a recipe for making friends. Still, my intent here is to bring some things to mind that you might have never thought you could live without. Most of these, I have lived without at one time or the other – or am in the

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Minimalist Lifestyle – Six Steps to Unclutter

The term living a minimalist lifestyle is a new term to me and frankly is one that intrigues me. My wife and I are continually looking for ways to declutter our home and make living for us and our kids simpler. In our lives it seems like we go through peaks and valleys. Where there

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