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Articles related to various lifestyles that impact your financial situation. Includes topics on living a minimalist lifestyle, living in tiny homes, etc.


How to Get Rid of Junk Mail (For Good)

A few weeks ago I came home to spot a large full plastic bag sitting on the front steps of our house. I thought it may have been a package my wife ordered or some nice baked goods from the neighbor. After getting closer, I discovered what it was: The Yellow Pages phone book. 

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10 Survival Tools You Should Have at Least Two of on Hand

I was feeling smug – a little too smug.  We were just over a year into our quest for self-sufficiency, and it was going well.  We were hang-drying our clothes, opening cans by hand and the like. We hadn’t used our electric mixer but once in the last 15 months – no sirree!  We would

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How Much Money Are You Sitting On?

Yesterday I came across an article on MarketWatch talking about how American’s are sitting on about $34 billion worth of old cell phones. iPhone’s alone account for about $9 billion of that sum. So, what’s the deal? Why are so many of us sitting on money we could be saving or using for other purposes?

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Decorating Your Home with Free Old Photographs

As a designer, I’m always stumbling upon different websites and resources online that offer photos and various elements that help me in my daily work. Some of these sites are free and/or nominal cost. It was about a year ago that I happened upon the Library of Congress’ Prints & Photographs Online Catalog while doing some research

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Moving to Australia for a Better Life

Australia has always been a popular choice amongst expats considering moving abroad. If you are thinking of moving abroad, there are many reasons why you should consider moving to Australia. Australia’s quality of living is amongst the highest in the world, due to its opulent resources and thriving economy. The United Nations Human Development Index

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9 Cost Advantages of Living in a Small Town

In 2008 I moved from the inner city to a small town of just over a couple thousand people. It was quite the change, but after living in a bustling metropolis for 5 years, the peaceful life offered by a small town was attractive to me. Plus, there were many other advantages to moving there. Here’s a

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Into the Wild – A Glimpse into Extreme Minimalism

Have you ever seen the movie, “Into the Wild”? I first saw this movie in 2007, and was blown away by Christopher McCandless abandonment of societal things. Possessions that tied him down, which he was willing to give up like no one else. I was captivated by this, because I’d never seen anyone willing to

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Are You a Digital Hoarder?

I’m sure many of you have seen the show, Hoarders about people who are basically pack-rats and can barely move around in their own homes. Many of the episodes are pretty tough to watch as the hoarder hasn’t cleaned in eons and there’s generally animals around the place – and well –  you get the

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Minimalism with Joshua Becker – part 2

Earlier this week I posted part one of my interview with Joshua Becker on minimalism. Here is the second part of that interview. Do you think technology can help or hurt us in becoming a minimalist? “Both. I think we are in a great period of time where technology can limit the amount of stuff

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