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Articles related to financial legal matters. Includes topics such as power of attorney, court cases, wills, and inheritance.


Resolve a complaint

How I Quickly Settled an Unresolved Consumer Complaint

A couple of years ago, my wife went down to attend a family member’s wedding. She rented a vehicle from a company that we’ll affectionately refer to as “Not-Thrifty Rental” for the duration of this post (or NTR for short).   After the trip was over and I was going through some of the expenses,

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What to Do When a Complaint Falls on Deaf Ears

Over this past Thanksgiving, a relative of mine was telling me about a problem he was having with a newer water heater he had installed. It hadn’t been working correctly since it was put in. He wasn’t able to resolve the issue with the contractor he’d hired to install the water heater or the company who manufactured

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Is it Illegal to Modify or Destroy US Currency?

On Friday, I went into work with out having eaten breakfast and I stopped by our local cafeteria at work to pick up a sausage and egg sandwich. After purchasing my sandwich and getting my change back I noticed something different about the back of the dollar bill I received. A previous owner of my

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A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Save You Money

In most cases, the main reasons for hiring a criminal defense attorney is to save you time and money. Most people that are accused of a crime do not have much knowledge of the laws that they are accused of breaking, much less how to defend themselves from such an accusation. Instead of taking the

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Structured Settlements: The Lump Sum Option Is Taking Off

Structured Settlements are already the most used option in the settlement of legal cases involving medical injuries. Every year, tens of thousands of Americans are injured, and pursue legal remedies. The cause of the injury varies greatly, from slip & fall, to auto accidents, to workplace injuries, and more. So Why Are Structured Settlement So

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Business Day TV Features Tax Resolution Services

Tax Resolution Services is the Nation’s leading tax negotiation and mediation firm, and they can help you with your problems with the IRS.  Their goal is to offer transparency to their clients and help them understand the process for resolving their tax problem so that they have a realistic expectation of the process.  Beyond that,

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The Rise in Personal Injury Specialists

Injuries happen in just about any situation you can think of, but it might surprise you that the number of personal injury claims being made has skyrocketed in recent years. Many people who have picked up injuries have grown wise to the fact that, if they were caused by someone else through incidents as wide-ranging

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