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How to Dethatch Your Lawn in Fall

The smell of fall is in the air and that means that fall yard work is just around the corner. The fall is the best time to work on your lawn and prep it for having a nice looking lawn next year. For many years, my neighbors and I went in together on renting either …

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How to Save Money on Lawn Care (Do it Yourself Tips)

In a bad economy it’s always hard to save money on lawn care, and at the same time you don’t want your lawn to look like a jungle. If you live a suburban lifestyle as well you don’t want your lawn to be the talk of the neighborhood. Since going from being raised on a …

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Frugal Spring Lawn Care Tips‏

Spring time always gets me excited for taking care of my lawn and seeing everything turn green. Here are a few frugal lawn care tips you can do yourself to get a great looking lawn. Remove thatch – early in the spring removing dead thatch/debris with a rack allows the new germinating grass to grow …

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