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Articles related to all things investing. Includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, ETFs, real estate, etc.


Using Avacade Reviews to Find Green Investments

People that are looking for green businesses to invest in should try using Avacade reviews for information about the businesses that they are interested in. Finding green businesses in which to invest can be difficult with all of the options

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Growing Money the Sustainable Way with Avacade Investments

The following is sponsored content If you’re an investment pro looking for solid investment opportunities with great returns for your clients, consider partnering with Avacade Investments.  As an investment expert, your job is to match your clients with the investment

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How to Start a Coin Collection – part 2

So on Monday, I talked about how to start a coin collection, but today I’m going to get more into the specifics. I’ll give more insight into why you should buy rated coins, numismatic raters, storage of coins, and show

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How to Start a Coin Collection

About seven years ago I started collecting rare coins after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s recommendation to buy silver. Without knowing where to start at, I decided to buy coins that I saw my dad collect while he was growing up. During my

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Side Income Stream Idea: Vacation Rental Property

Charlie and I are big proponents of passive income or side income streams. In other words – creating alternative revenue sources to your current full-time gig. Over the coming months – we hope to provide you with some more side

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5 Reasons for Having a Large Sum of Cash

Recently, while I was reading over J$’s monthly updates on his net worth I noticed a category for a large cash hoard, which he calls “Monster Cash.” As any typical man, my jealousy immediately spiked, and I said to myself,

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financial advisor

How to Pick a Financial Advisor

Recently, I’ve been looking at the pros and cons of working with a financial advisor. I have met with a couple of them here and there to get feedback and advice – but have never had a long-term relationship with

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