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Articles related to all things investing. Includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, ETFs, real estate, etc.


Passive Income Streams: Jan 2017 Report

First month of 2017 is in the books and we are off to a fast start! Boy are things off to a blazing start with our goals and focus of creating passive income streams to payoff my mortgage and exit into debt freedom. I’m excited about what the year holds in store for generating passive

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Making Investment Interesting and Affordable to a New Generation

The following is written by our friends at Modest Money, a personal finance and investing site. For many years, there was a massive generation gap when it came to investing. Our parents and grandparents had their ways of buying and selling stock. This involved lots of phone calls and newspapers – perhaps a little emailing

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The Most Valuable Coins in the World

In 2007, I first stepped into the world of investing in rare coins, because I thought that they were undervalued at the time. Fast forward a few years, and the coin markets have gone through a lot of fluctuations. More recently, I’ve started to focus on buying rarer and lower minted coins. I’ve found that these

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Passive Income Streams: June 2016 Report

So far we are o ne month into our summer and the heat hasn’t let up here in the midwest. I love it! I love running in it too. Call me crazy, but the heat and humidity really fuels me to push my body to higher limits in what I can do. So far this

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What to do Based on Events at LendingClub?

A couple of weeks ago, Aaron, e-mailed me an article from Google Finance showing how was going through a number of regulatory problems. It came as a surprise, because I had recently (in December) started investing in LendingClub with the revenue I have been making off my egg sales. In essence, this is extra

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What Are Binary Options?

As you’ve all heard through my monthly income streams report, I’m always looking for another way to make money, and create another stream of income. Recently, I came upon the concept of investing in Binary Options, and have been doing a lot of research along the way. What are Binary Options? Binary Options is a

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What to Do With a Gold Inheritance?

Last week, Laura commented on my monthly income report and was interested in what I was doing with selling gold/silver coins. She had mentioned that she received an inheritance of gold coins, and what she should do with them. To be completely honest with you, my view of gold has significantly changed since I watched

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Stock Picking Challenge Results + Giveaway Winner

The 1st Annual Stock Picking Challenge is in the books and I have to say that it has re-ignited a desire in me to start investing in stocks again. It’s been fun to research them and then see how they perform over the month. I knew this before – but doing the Challenge has reinforced my

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How Land is a Better Investment Than Gold or Silver

For the past 7 or 8 years I have been a big proponent of gold and silver investing. I am a big opponent of paper money and our fiat currency. Plus, the ever increasing national and global debts doesn’t make me optimistic about where things are headed and does not comfort me at night. Regardless,

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