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How I Paid Off $100k in Debt

The following is an interview with Travis – a fellow personal finance blogger at Enemy of Debt and CareOne. He was kind enough to share his get-out-of-debt story with us as he nears the finish line next month. We hope his story will inspire you and encourage you to (if you have debt) start or …

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Gold Rush Season 3 – An Interview With Miner Greg Remsburg

It’s back! Discovery Channel’s hit TV series, Gold Rush returns for its 3rd season with – what appears to be – someone hitting the mother lode. I love this show – and appreciate the story line of these guys (many who were out of work) risking it all and pursuing a dream. Earlier this year, we were …

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Friday FAQ 4/13

Isn’t it, THREE Thrifty Guys? Where’s the third thrifty guy – Eddie? Eddie is on an extended hiatus. We hope he gets back to writing soon, or we may need to change our name. What do you guys do for a living? Charlie works as an IT professional and Aaron, as a graphic designer.

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