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Insurance is so important in areas of health, cars, and homes. We discuss different policy types and providers in these articles.


How to Get the Best Car Insurance Rates

I recently reviewed my car insurance policy with my local agent to see if we could get lower rates. It’s something I like to do at least once a year and would highly recommend doing it yourself. We were able to lower our car insurance rates by about $200 $400/year. Not bad! Most good insurance

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7 Actions that Endanger People’s Finances

People can avoid financial difficulties. It takes planning and knowing that they need to be in good financial standing after they have stopped working. The main things they will want to do are remain free of debt and always contribute to their retirement accounts. If they avoid the following six things, they will be on

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How to Find Cheap Insurance

When it comes time to protect yourself on the road, you want to know how to find cheap insurance. First and foremost, it is about comparing rates and different companies. When companies have to have better rates than the competition, they work harder to win business. By asking multiple companies you can find out who has

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance Benefits

Health care is a really big issue in our country. And, it’s no wonder.  Costs seem to be going up and up and folks are getting squeezed financially to keep up. Today, it’s vital you are getting the most out of your health insurance coverage so that you can limit your out-of-pocket expenses. I’m fortunate

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Bestow life insurance review

My Suggestions for Life Insurance

If you haven’t heard me say this before, it bears repeating. I am not a financial expert – nor do I pretend to be. Most of my posts are based on experience and learning from others. So, please do your own research against what I suggest. That said, I want to write a little bit

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