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income taxes

6 Ways to Save Money When Filing Your Taxes

Americans spend $140 billion per year to comply with the tax code – that’s a lot of money. And, although that figure may be enough to tempt you to look for ways to cut back on tax prep services, H&R Block reports that consumers

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9 Ways You’re Wasting Your Tax Return

According to an annual survey from Capital One Bank, this year’s average tax refund is expected to be $2,803. With such a nice chunk of change, not dreaming about exotic vacations and enormous televisions is nearly impossible.Pledges to pay down

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A Handy Checklist for Your 2012 Taxes

Two years ago, we had our taxes done by a tax professional because I knew they were going to be complex. I had just gotten married, did some side work as a designer, we moved to a new house (which

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Why Your Tax Return is Probably Wrong

Okay – before I get started, let me just say that I am not totally against paying taxes. I believe there are public costs associated with having roads, municipal buildings, cops on the street and other conveniences which we should

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