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How to Buy a Condo – Consider the Building

Right about this time two years ago, I was beginning the exciting search for a condominium. After 20 years in a single family home, my love/hate relationship with house projects was tilting toward the latter. In the midst of sealing the wood fence one hot summer day, it occurred to me that I had options. …

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How to Find Cheap Insurance

When it comes time to protect yourself on the road, you want to know how to find cheap insurance. First and foremost, it is about comparing rates and different companies. When companies have to have better rates than the competition, they work harder to win business. By asking multiple companies you can find out who has …

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Why do I need home insurance?

Owning a house is a huge responsibility, and when you make that commitment, you commit all your hard-earned savings and future earnings to it. Once you’ve bought the bricks and mortar and filled your new property with all your worldly goods, buying a comprehensive house contents insurance policy is the only way you can really …

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