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Holidays (any holiday really) are fun times to spend with family and friends, but costs for travel, gifts, and entertaining add up. Articles on how to avoid breaking your budget.


Firework Safety This New Year’s Eve

New Year was traditionally a time for fireworks displays in Chinese culture, which is credited with inventing our love affair with pyrotechnics. Legend tells of a Chinese cook who accidentally spilled saltpeter into a cooking fire, producing a colorful dancing flame. The fact that saltpeter is a key ingredient in gunpowder tells you all you need to

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3 Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online this Christmas

One of the best consequences to come out of the rise in the internet is the ability to shop from the comfort of your home. Internet shopping has increased greatly over the years and continues to increase every year over the one before. Shopping online can save you time, frustration and often times, quite a

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Happy Memorial Day!

Quick shout out to all our troops and veterans on this Memorial Day! Thanks so much for your service and what you do to provide freedom to us all! TTG thanks you!

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2012 Memorial Day Savings

Happy Memorial Day to you! May this weekend be a time of honoring those who have served the US so valiantly and remembering the many who paid the ultimate sacrifice. May God continue to keep us grateful and humbled by the privilege of living in a country that values individual freedom. In observation of this

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Mother’s Day – Amazon Gift Card Winner

Congrats to our Amazon gift card winner, Mandi L.!! She won a $20 Amazon gift card for comment in the Creative Mother’s Day Idea Series. You’ll be receiving an e-mail shortly! Congrats again, and look for more entries in the future!

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Creative Mother’s Day Gifts – Series 3 of 3

Guy’s you’re coming down to the last minute on coming up with a creative mother’s day presents! Your palms have to be sweating! You need to come through in the clutch, and score that ultimate creative gift! One that looks like you spent weeks planning. Here are a few last minute gift ideas that might help

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Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Series 2 of 3

Let’s face it – mother’s are great. This is why we are spending a week talking about them and offering you some Mother’s Day gift ideas. The one thing my mother always cherished – even though I didn’t know why (but am now starting to understand) were hand-made goods. So, the following are some things

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Creative mother's day ideas

Creative Mother’s Day Ideas – Series

Hey guys, are you aware that Mother’s Day is less than a week away?!?! Are you looking for some creative ideas? We’ll you came to the right place! Especially if you are one of those “wait til the last minute guys” (<– I’d sometimes include myself in this category), and you are Google searching “quick

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