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Articles on how to save money when buying groceries. Advice on when and where to shop to get the best deals.


How to Hedge Against Food Inflation

Over the last month I’ve done our family’s grocery shopping and the prices seem to be increasing every week! It is amazing how sneaky these prices will increase too. Whether it be in reducing the quantity you get in a product or paying a few cents more for the products. It’s all inflation! In looking at

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8 Ways to Make Your Groceries Last Longer

As a once-a-week grocery store shopper, we try and make our food last as long as possible. But sometimes – especially with fruits and vegetables – that is not always easy to do. I remember when I was single and digging myself into debt, I would purchase a pre-packaged bag of salad, take one or

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How to Save Money Shopping at Whole Foods

My wife and I are on a bit of a health kick. Ever since she became unemployed due to various health reasons, we have been on a search to get ourselves as healthy as possible. One area that my wife has really been researching and focusing on is food. It’s amazing how just eating healthy

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10 Grocery Shopping Secrets from a Grocery Store Manager

 Like most thrifty folks, I am always on the lookout for new ways to save money. And with the price of everything going up – including at the grocery store – I thought it would be helpful to get some “insider” tips. And so I asked a friend of mine who is a manager at

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Save Money at the Grocery Store – Avoid the Pre-mades

My wife and I are doing our best to lose some weight and start eating better. It was a little challenging at first – but we’re finally catching on. Bad eating habits can be tough to break! One thing we’ve been doing to eat healthier is to shop more of the whole foods – less

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