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Lessons learned from the great depression can help us all learn to better manage our money and households. Series of articles with learnings and advice from our grandparents.

great depression

How to Prepare for a Great Depression

=I’m a huge fan of history, and particularly the study of the Great Depression. I love learning from the mistakes of our past to either prepare for the future or avoid making the same mistakes of our ancestors. My grandpa’s

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Farming During the Great Depression

Since we started more than two years ago I’ve done a number of articles on the Great Depression. To name a few, “How people survived the Great Depression“, and “How the Great Depression Changed People.”  All of these are

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What We Need to Learn From the Great Recession

A couple months ago, I read an article called, “What the Great Depression Did That This Recession Won’t“. It’s a fascinating article comparing two of the biggest economic crisis’s of the last 100 years: the Great Depression and the recent

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How to recession-proof your self control

“In a poor economy, at any given moment people are more likely to have problems with self-control than otherwise — because there’s only so far their self-control energy can be stretched,” -Ms. Vohs, Professor of marketing at the University of

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Investing and the stock market crash of 1929

During the late 1920s, optimism was running high. People everywhere were getting into the stock market hoping they could follow the example of market barons like Livermore, Meehan and Durant who were making millions. Buying on margin was prevalent and

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