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Articles regarding products and services from Google. They have many tools that can help you save money on everything from flights to home utilities.


How to Quickly Find Your Phone*

As a person who often (too often) misplaces his phone, thought I would share this thrifty tip for locating your phone*. Hope it helps when you lose yours (though, I’m sure you never do!). That asterisk* is because this tip is for Android users. Though Apple does have its own version of this. Quickly and easily locate your

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Get Rewarded for Searching: Bing’s Attempt to Take On Google

I’m sure you remember the blind taste test of the ’70’s and ’80’s where Pepsi took on its rival Coke to determine which soft drink people prefer. It was a fairly successful ad campaign for Pepsi as many of the blind taste testers tended to pick Pepsi over Coke. While their methods have been called

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How to use Google Calendar to save you time and money

After a friend coaxed me to switch from Hotmail to Gmail back in 2006 – I soon discovered Google Calendar. And, what a life-changer it was! I’ve mentioned before how I struggle with things slipping my mind. Call it age or brain farts – I just have a penchant for misremembering. G.Cal (what I’ll refer

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