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Christmas gifts

A Merry Christmas $100 Giveaway

Through the generosity of our friends at Rockstar Finance and their Community Fund we were given $100 to give away during this Christmas season. The first thing we thought about is how can we spread this around to provide the

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gifts for the thrifty guy

13 Thrifty Christmas Gift Ideas for Men in 2020

As Christmas season soon approaches many people are wondering “what should I get my dad, husband, uncle, or grandpa?” Buying gifts for men is always a difficult one, because we rarely give you ideas, and sometimes just expect ya to

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Community perks

The Perks of Community

Always support the head. Have the new diaper ready. Sleep is for wimps. It pays (literally) to live in close community with other people. These are all lessons I’ve learned in the past two weeks after the birth of our

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How to Give the Perfect Christmas Gift

Every holiday season brings with it a lot of joy and excitement. But with it – there is also some confusion and stress. For me, the stress often comes from trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for the people that

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Creative Mother’s Day Gifts – Series 3 of 3

Guy’s you’re coming down to the last minute on coming up with a creative mother’s day presents! Your palms have to be sweating! You need to come through in the clutch, and score that ultimate creative gift! One that looks like

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Creative mother's day ideas

Creative Mother’s Day Ideas – Series

Hey guys, are you aware that Mother’s Day is less than a week away?!?! Are you looking for some creative ideas? We’ll you came to the right place! Especially if you are one of those “wait til the last minute

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How to Say Thanks After Christmas

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” – Ambrose of Milan My mother taught me early on to show appreciation when we were gifted something. We often would write thank you notes right after birthdays and Christmas.

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When Someone Gives You a Gift They Cannot Afford

We recently were gifted some money from an acquaintance, who – quite frankly – can’t afford it. I mean, they’ve been struggling with their finances for as long as I can remember. And when they “came into” some money, they

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