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Why Do Gas Prices Keep Going Up (and What You Can Do to Save)

Here in the Midwest, we are experiencing a higher than normal spike in gas prices. The local news stations tell us it is due to several oil refineries closing down at the same time for maintenance. Yet, this is not unusual – and over the past several years – we have grown accustomed to rising …

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Pay What You Want Pricing

It’s your turn to order after a 5-minute lunch line wait at a local casual diner. You check the menu and notice there are no prices. “Hello sir, what can I get for you today?” You place your order and the cashier asks if you want a beverage too. You say yes and she proceeds …

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Why you shouldn’t be paying full price for gas

Gas is one of those goods which is a generally something you can’t scratch off your budget. That being the case – and with the prices beginning to set record highs – you need not pay full price for it. Here are some ideas to avoid doing so:

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