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Articles on gardening – flowers and food. Learn why this activity can help your family save money + how to grow a garden on a shoestring budget.



How to Grow Pounds of Food in a Tiny Garden

Gardening in constricted spaces like apartment balconies and small yards can prove to be a futile exercise if you want maximum from your crops. Not many people know that small space gardening can actually yield a great deal of produce if you plant the right crop, handle them well and take proper care. You can

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Thrifty Green Planting: Annuals

This post was written by Aaron’s wife several years ago. Given that spring planting is upon us, we thought it may be a good time repost. Every year I look forward to the arrival of the warmer months.  Where we live, we are limited in the number of months that we can enjoy Zone 4

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How to Start a Community Garden

So with spring time upon us, it’s got me anxious to start our garden, and this year will be a little different. This year we are starting a community garden. In remembrance of my Grandpa, I decided this year to venture out and ask people about starting a community garden. So far this year we’ve got about

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How to Can Pickled Beets

The following is a guest post written by my favorite aunt – Aunt Sharon. Enjoy! – Aaron This recipe was my Grandmother Larson’s and was handed down to me by my mother. We used to make these pickles together on the farm my husband and I now live on in southwestern Minnesota. I thought these

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Zucchini Bread Recipe – from our Garden to the Table

This year our garden has been flourishing with all the heat (90+ degrees), and our zucchini’s are an excellent example of how good our garden has been to us! My sons suddenly get really involved when the garden started producing the fruits from my labor. :) Every year, we take pictures with our kids and the

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How to Prepare for a Great Depression

=I’m a huge fan of history, and particularly the study of the Great Depression. I love learning from the mistakes of our past to either prepare for the future or avoid making the same mistakes of our ancestors. My grandpa’s life has had a huge impact on my perspective of reviewing history in order to

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